Selfie of myself with my husband, Kai
Myself (right) and my husband Kai (left) at Pine Point for Christmas.

My name is Marc Barrowclift, and I’m a full-stack developer with over 10 years practical experience in the field.

Since the formative day my parents purchased our family’s first iMac back in 2006, I made it my life’s mission to craft magical experiences in my work like I had felt upon booting up that iMac for the first time.

Upon arriving at Drexel University for my studies back in 2011, that passion began yielding results; initially collaborating with my professors to create the Guinness World Record’s “Largest Video Game Display” at 2013’s Philly Tech Week, then presenting the stylometry anonymization tool “Anonymouth” at 2013’s Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium, to finally completing my studies by helping my team land a coveted spot in 2016’s senior design finals; I spent every day in my college education honing my craft.

That passion for full-stack exploration and quality continues in my professional career today: from building rock-solid backend services with approachable architecture all the way to digitally painting visually enthralling frontend experiences like the site you’re reading now.

When I’m not applying those principles to software or design, I pass the time recording and editing the Bad Music Hertz podcast with my brother, playing board games with friends at my weekly “Game Nights”, or simply enjoying a good Old Fashioned while spinning a record.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope one of my works here brightens your day.

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Guinness World Record

Largest Video Game Display

Senior Design Finalist

Awarded Honorable Mention


PHL17 News

The Largest Video Game Ever