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Marc Barrowclift

Hi! My name is Marc Barrowclift and I'm a human interface designer and software engineer by trade. I grew up in a sleepy Illinois town and spent my early years pounding away at the piano, performing in musical theater, and filming hours of home movies with friends.

I continued playing with these hobbies until finally—with my family's ancient Compaq tower on it's last leg—my dad placed an order for something that would leave a deep and profound effect on me and my future ambitions; an iMac.

The frame I had previously used when interacting with computers vanished. Using the computer was no longer simply a means to some end, no longer just a mechanical, motorized interaction that would leave you feeling mentally drained.

Computers could be fun.

Computers were not simply a work or school desk, no, but a playground. They were something that could delight and tempt those sharing in the experience to explore and learn everything they could about it. The lickable buttons, smooth animations, and various surprises were carefully laid candies along the trail to tempt those to learn and discover for themselves, and I happily did.

As the years went on I became increasingly aware of the "man behind the curtains" running that bubbly OS X I had spent my high school years exploring. With this increased awareness came the realization that actual people made this. There were incredibly motivated and smart people somewhere that created the marvelous fusion of arts and engineering before me and I too could contribute.

This website is my first step towards that goal and will serve as my hub to share what I have learned with the community and display new creations as they come. I hope you'll consider taking this journey with me; it's going to be one hell of a ride. Cheers! 🍺