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I am genuinely grateful for all the open source projects I used and advice I received from the community while building this website, including:


I drew inspiration for my design from many professionals, including:

  • Silvia Gatta, an Italy-based designer who crafted the beautiful MacStories website and inspired me to fully support dark mode for night reading.
  • Susan Kare, the legendary graphic designer for the original Macintosh operating system for inspiring the design of my website logo.
  • Christa Mrgan, founder of Civil Comments, whose other projects and tasteful style helped guide my design process.
  • Bradley Taunt, a web designer/developer hybrid whose original home page was the source of inspiration for creating my own.
  • Cezary Wojcik, a self-proclaimed keyboard wizard and iOS Developer whose projects gallery page was the initial inspiration for my own.

Above all else I thank my Mom and Dad, my older sister Aimée, and my younger brother Michael for their continued support as I pursue my dreams. I love you all, thanks for everything.