Marcdown Design Refresh

The “Marcdown” Markdown theme is now refreshed to reflect the latest v13.0 “Clarity” design language.

Website Design Refresh ↦

After many months of effort, v13.0 “Clarity” of my site is finally live with a top-to-bottom rewrite.

New “SMiLE: Heroes and Villains Mix” Edition

My take on the legendary album is now better than ever, featuring improved audio mastering and superior sequencing.

IPv6 support added to Wireguard Guide

The “Wireguard Server on macOS” guide now details how to set up a server supporting both IPv4 & IPv6 connections."

Shelf 3.0 Released ↦

Shelf 3.0 is now available, featuring dark mode support and experimental 3D board game rendering style.

Announcing the “Development Card Simulator”

A virtual “Settlers of Catan” development card deck for balanced, remote gaming.

Announcing “Nitro” ↦

A speed-optimized version of this site is now available. No Javascript, no floating menus, no B.S.

Website Update ↦

v12.0 “Home Run” of my website is live, featuring a refreshed home page and visual refinements.

We Made a Podcast!

Join us as we scrutinize and celebrate great music, one episode at a time.

Bad Music Hertz is Finally Live ↦

Come scrutinize and celebrate great music with us, one record at a time.